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Sugammadex sodium (Synonyms: Org25969)

Catalog No.: R11425
CAS No.: 343306-79-6
Formula: C₇₂H₁₀₄Na₈O₄₈S₈
Weight: 2178.00576
Theoretical analysis

CAS NO.:343306-79-6

Molecular Formula:C₇₂H₁₀₄Na₈O₄₈S₈

Molecular Weight:2178.00576

Purity: > 98%

Solubility (R.T.: 25℃): DMSO

Stability: - 20℃ 2 years

Sugammadex (Org 25969, tradename Bridion) is an agent for reversal of neuromuscular blockade by the agent rocuronium in general anaesthesia. It is the first selective relaxant binding agent (SRBA).
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